Eating Animals

I’m reading this new book called Eating Animals by Jonathan Saffran Foer. It’s an interesting book about the food we eat and how we justify eating it culturally and socially. It’s a powerful book to inform and to help us consider what we eat and don’t eat.

There’s a part in the book that I wanted to excerpt below because I felt it was a memorable part of the book that really gives us insight into factory farming:

“We spend several minutes like this, looking for an unlocked door.
Another why: Why would a farmer lock the doors of his turkey farm?
It can’t be because he’s afraid someone will steal his equipment or animals. There’s no equipment to steal in the sheds, and the animals aren’t worth the herculean effort it would take to illicitly transport a significant number. A farmer doesn’t lock his doors because he’s afraid his animals will escape. (Turkeys can’t turn doorknobs.) And despite te signage, it isn’t because of biosecurity, either. (Barbed wire is enough to keep out the merely curious.) So why?”

One response to “Eating Animals

  1. I honestly want to say that i don’t disagree with people being Veggies… To each his own, but i think you need to have a lot more facts about it. Also Humans are meant to eat meat. If you don’t want to eat animals who were slaughtered at the slaughter house… KILL YOUR OWN. Any way i prefer game meat personally. I think you should kill your own food and not rely on others. The farmer locks the door because that’s how he makes a freaking living.

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